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Elevate Ventures helps facilitate companies’ participation in two programs that offer matching funds to accepted applicants. The SBIR/STTR matching awards are the largest source of early-stage technology financing in the United States. They are two of the most effective technology programs in the federal government and important sources of pre-seed and seed-stage non-dilutive capital. Helping entrepreneurs tackle pre-seed challenges, Elevate Ventures’ High Potential Startup Awards help entrepreneurs overcome hurdles to attain a specific measurable outcome or milestone.

Community Ideation Fund Awards

3B Apps – Northeast, IN
Apollo Dynamics – Northeast, IN
Blaire Biomedical – Northeast, IN
Blueprint Stats – South Central, IN
Civic Champs – South Central, IN
Deep Word – South Central, IN
Digital Leader Academy – North Central, IN
Endless Eyewear – Southwest, IN
Enlighten Mobility – North Central, IN
Enriched Couples – South, IN
GiveSwift – North Central, IN
HelloFrom – North Central, IN

Intrepid Phoenix Ventures – North Central, IN
Levain Games – North Central, IN
Moxie Girl – South, IN
OurSafeQ – South Central, IN
ProstheTech – North Central, IN
Sintact Medical Systems – South Central, IN
Slice –  Northeast, IN
Stage & Set – South, IN
Stagetime – South Central, IN
STRE.ME – Northeast, IN – North Central, IN
Total MINDCARE – South, IN

HPSG/Regional Funding Awards

Adjunct Professor Link – Northwest, IN
AgenDx Biosciences (fka Nandio) – North Central, IN
Amondegreen – North Central, IN
Atlas 3D – North Central, IN
BioLine – North Central, IN
CODEinCLASS – North Central, IN
Covur – North Central, IN
Cuttly – Northeast, IN
Daylight OB – Northeast, IN
Ditara, LLC – Northeast, IN
Figuro3D – North Central, IN
Flyby Technologies – Northeast, IN
Frost Control Systems – North Central, IN
General Ledger – North Central, IN
GiveGrove – North Central, IN
Global Medical Industries – Northeast, IN
Go Yodel Labs LLC – Northwest, IN
Healthy Points – North Central, IN
Impowerus – North Central, IN

Job Scholar – Northeast, IN
Lawgle – Northeast, IN
Live On Goods – Northeast, IN
Livestock Online Marketplace – Northeast, IN
Mindful Projects – North Central, IN
Price Automation – Northeast, IN
Recycled Asphalt Shingle Process, Inc – Northeast, IN
RESONADO – North Central, IN
Run for Phil – North Central, IN
Rusher Medical, LLC – Northeast, IN
Sengo – North Central, IN
SIMBA Chain – North Central, IN
SimpleSpot – North Central, IN
SlipStream – North Central, IN
Structured Immunity – North Central, IN
Somni – North Central, IN
The SupplierIQ, LLC – North Central, IN
Trek10 – North Central, IN

SBIR/STTR Matching Awards

Adipo Therapeutics
Adranos Energetics
Advanced Science and Automation
Advanced Vascular Therapies
Aeon Imaging
Aerodyn Combustion
Akanocure Pharmaceuticals
Allinaire Therapeutics, LLC
Analog Computing Solutions
Animated Dynamics
Arkley BioTek
Biomineral Systems
Candent Technologies
Concordance Health Solutions
Consensus Networks
Continuity Pharma, LLC
CreateAbility Concept
Cytomics Analytical
Eclipse Orthopaedics
Engine Research Associates
‘En’Urga Inc.
Eperture, LLC.
Explore Interactive, Inc.
Flightprofiler, LLC
General Optics, LLC
Grannus Therapeutics
Green Fortress Engineering
HB Therapeutics
Health Smart Technologies, Inc.
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