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March 27th, 2019

National Venture Capital President to Headline Elevate Ventures May 2 Kinetic Conference

INDIANAPOLIS National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) President & CEO Bobby Franklin will keynote Kinetic, Elevate Ventures’ second annual portfolio conference, on May 2, 2019, at the Biltwell Event Center. Register now at early bird ticket rates; deadline is Monday, April 1.

“Franklin’s keynote at Kinetic will focus on the key policy issues that NVCA is advocating for in Washington that impact the venture industry as well as examine national VC trends and the overall impact the venture industry has on the U.S. economy.”
NVCA is the venture community’s preeminent trade association focused on empowering the next generation of transformative American companies. Franklin’s keynote at Kinetic will focus on the key policy issues that NVCA is advocating for in Washington that impact the venture industry as well as examine national VC trends and the overall impact the venture industry has on the U.S. economy.

With nearly 30 years of experience in advocacy and public policy in our nation’s capital, Franklin took the helm of NVCA in September of 2013 after nearly a decade at CTIA – The Wireless Association, where he first served as head lobbyist and then spent the next eight years as the association’s Executive Vice President. Prior to joining CTIA, Franklin worked for wireless provider Alltel Corporation as first a lobbyist and then head of the company’s Washington office. An Arkansas native, Franklin got his start in Washington working in the U.S. Senate for Senator David Pryor of Arkansas.

Kinetic Speaker Bobby Franklin“It’s exciting to speak at Kinetic this year, particularly given the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indiana,” Franklin said. “Last year, Indiana was one of the states with the highest year-over-year increases in venture capital assets under management (AUM) and reached $170 million in total AUM, thanks to recent fundraises by local venture firms. In 2018, 93 startups in Indiana raised nearly $370 million in venture funding, representing a 37% annual growth rate in capital invested since 2013. We’re thrilled to see this robust activity in the state and look forward to seeing more investors tap into the innovative communities in and around Indiana.”

Immediately following Franklin’s talk, he will participate in a fireside chat on stage with Indiana Economic Development Corporation President Elaine Bedel. Helping lead the state’s economic development activities, Bedel is committed to embracing innovation and fostering entrepreneurship to boost competitiveness and drive economic growth in Indiana. Increasing support, resources and access to venture capital is a key part of the IEDC’s strategy and will color the conversation.

“Our inaugural Kinetic conference in 2018 was a great success and a testament to the business and entrepreneurial community here in Indiana,” Chris LaMothe, Elevate Ventures CEO, said. “The Midwest is fast becoming a focal point for venture capital opportunities, with Indiana at the heart of this movement. We are excited to host Bobby Franklin and hear his national perspective on the industry.”

Kinetic is designed to open doors for entrepreneurs and investors by providing access to knowledge, networks and opportunities needed to accelerate ambitions. The one-day event on May 2, 2019 will take place at the Biltwell Event Center (950 S. White River Pkwy, Indianapolis). Kinetic will feature informational content sessions, one-on-one investor meetings, an awards ceremony and a VIP reception.


Agenda Highlights for Kinetic

Check out the full agenda here: Top-notch industry leaders and innovators will provide key insights on topics including:

  • EVALUATING EXIT OPPORTUNITIES – Learn from founders on how they evaluated their exit opportunities to ensure a return was achieved.
  • VC PERSPECTIVE ON METRICS, STRATEGY AND VALUATION – This panel of investors will share how companies get their attention and keep it.
  • BORN TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR – Hear how four seasoned entrepreneurs found their niche and why being an entrepreneur was their career choice.
  • HACKING ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING – Account-based marketing empowers businesses to more efficiently accelerate sales and ultimately close deals. Learn how to hack it from four seasoned pros.
  • THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SALES PLAYBOOK – Learn how the function of good processes can be a gamer-changer for your sales team.
  • THE FOOLPROOF FORMULA FOR FINDING PRODUCT-MARKET FIT – Products and markets may be unique, but the path to finding product-market fit isn’t. GrowthX’s Andrew Goldner shares his expertise.
  • TRENDS IN THE LIFE SCIENCE INDUSTRY – Technology, data and updated processes are changing how the life science industry functions. Learn how these changes may affect startups in Indiana.
  • BUILDING EFFECTIVE VENTURE-BACKED BOARDS – Dive into the roles and responsibilities of each player, and the expertise, dynamic and makeup of an effective board.
  • TRENDS IN SOFTWARE AROUND DATA, ANALYTICS AND MACHINE LEARNING – Data is transforming how we think about software. Experts share how this could affect sales/marketing moving forward.


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