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November 4th, 2020

7 Cool Startups Being Built in Southwest Indiana

By Rachel Smith, Communications Specialist

With a low cost of living, favorable corporate tax environment, and experienced talent, Indiana continues to be an ideal hub for entrepreneurs launching and growing startups. Within the Southwest Indiana region, several startups are making waves with innovative ideas, products and services, establishing entrepreneurial growth, creating new jobs, and attracting even more talent. Here are a few you may not know about that represent some of the tremendous development within the region.

  1. Cabentry (Jasper): Cabentry is an order entry software for custom cabinet manufacturers. It integrates with manufacturing software to drastically reduce the time needed for an engineer to draw designs in CAD software. Cabentry has six full-time employees and recently hit a milestone goal of launching 10 new customers in 2020. The company is set to launch what will be its largest customer in November. In addition, Cabentry was nominated as Startup of the Year for the 2020 Mira Awards, making it the only nominee from southwest Indiana.
  2. Curvo (Evansville): Founded in 2012 by Andy Perry and Steve Suhrheinrich, Curvo is a clinical spend management platform designed to help hospitals reduce costs and improve quality through the supply chain. Curvo’s platform currently helps over 600 US hospitals. From 2016-2019, Curvo’s revenues grew by almost 1000%, landing them on Inc. Magazine’s 2020 list as Indiana’s #4 fastest-growing privately held company.
  3. Endless Eyewear (Evansville): Endless Eyewear is a subscription service that gives customers affordable access to designer sunglasses. Subscribers can choose from multiple designers and styles and swap their style at any time. This service not only makes fashionable sunglasses more affordable, but also reduces the need to use resources to manufacture new glasses. Endless Eyewear received a pre-seed investment from the Elevate Nexus Regional Pitch Competition in February and went on to win the Elevate Nexus Statewide Pitch Competition in May.
  4. Gamerized (Jasper): Gamerized was founded by Ryan Miller in 2020 as a DBA from My Gaming Career, established in 2017. Miller started the company because he was tired of being scattered across different social platforms, so he took the initiative and combined multiple social key features into one platform. The company currently has seven employees, and recently launched a music section that allows artists to upload their songs for stream-use. Gamerized Music is also in the process of turning into a distribution company for artists. Gamerized was a pre-seed winner in the Elevate Nexus Regional Pitch Competition in February.
  5. Heliponix, LLC (Evansville): Heliponix, LLC provides consumers with the GroPod© Smart Garden Appliance, a fully-automated, modular vertical farm that consumers can use in their households. It uses the Rotary Aeroponic™ technology to achieve higher yields with less power consumption and the least amount of user maintenance to achieve the highest degree of food safety. The business model can be described as “Keurig for food” as users subscribe to monthly recurring shipments of G-Pods™, seed cartridges which are placed inside of the system, and harvested on a regular basis. Heliponix, LLC has eight employees and has recently seen significant progress after receiving an NSF SBIR grant and closing on a seed funding round.
  6. Motivating Systems (Evansville): Founded in 2016, software-as-a-service startup Motivating Systems helps organizations motivate people to do their best. The Evansville-based company develops software that collects data and helps reinforce and improve behaviors through positive recognition. Motivating Systems main platforms include PBIS Rewards, a platform that allows teachers to recognize students for meeting behavior expectations; and Workplace Rewards, which helps businesses improve employee engagement, productivity and retention. The company currently has 35 employees and recently added TRIO Perks to their SaaS offering. TRIO Perks helps TRIO program leaders encourage and develop student involvement in their program and develop the habits and skills to that can make them successful.
  7. Quarion (Evansville): With nearly 30 years of experience in engineering, President and CEO Aric Pryor founded Quarion in 2015. Using real-time precision location systems, Quarion helps warehouse, distribution center, and factory managers improve forklift safety and overall productivity. The company’s technology enables employers and managers to track and log positions of employees and forklifts to improve employee safety and forklift efficiency. Quarion now offers CONTAQTRACE™, a tool that can trace close contact incidents in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, allowing for compliance with CDC and individual state health requirements for reducing the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.


The Elevate Southwest Indiana partnership was launched in June 2017. The partnership was established between Elevate Ventures and the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana to develop a culture and infrastructure of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship in the southwest Indiana region. This collaboration provides a foundation of support and resources for individuals interested in starting a business or growing an existing one.

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