IdeaCrossing: Building An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Idea Crossing IdeaCrossing® is a free online resource that connects entrepreneurs with the resources necessary to turn innovative ideas into thriving companies, and established businesses into growing ones. IdeaCrossing is available to anyone committed to supporting and promoting entrepreneurship by creating connections that build businesses.

Because IdeaCrossing is an online complement to Elevate's existing networks and entrepreneur-oriented initiatives, Elevate Ventures has been chosen as IdeaCrossing's primary partner. Whether an entrepreneur's goal is to start or grow their business, the resources available to them are critical to their success - and Elevate recognizes that IdeaCrossing is a passage to potential partnerships and relationships.

By connecting entrepreneurs with these vital resources, as well as providing private online collaborative environments for their engagement, IdeaCrossing can help facilitate connections between entrepreneurs, investors, business mentors, and service providers.

IdeaCrossing benefits each user type in different ways:

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