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To facilitate the growth of companies that have high-growth potential, Elevate Ventures contracted the design of the Regional Entrepreneurship Action Plan (REAP) – a three year program intended to generate economic activity all throughout the Northern Regions of Indiana and to facilitate the growth of companies with the potential to be high growth firms.

Through the REAP, Elevate Ventures staff can provide significant sophisticated technical assistance to identified second-stage companies that have the intent and capacity to grow their business – ultimately helping companies to move past the majority of their initial challenges, many of which have little to do with funding.

The REAP was formed with the following points in mind:
  • A focus on creating more new firms
  • A need to remove barriers that block emergence of high-growth companies
  • Target areas of the Hoosier economy that may be fertile sources for high-growth

The funding for the REAP will total $18 million over the next three years, with $9 million from national funders, $6 million from Elevate Ventures and the 21st Century Fund and other state capital programs, and $3 million from regional organizations and investors.

Of the $18 million, 87% of the funding will go directly to services and investments in high potential startups and economic gardening companies, while 13% will be allocated toward administration.