We Help By: Providing Startup Capital & Funding to Entrepreneurs

At Elevate Ventures, we know that Indiana capital isn't always easy to come by. Because of that, we make every effort to make venture capital dollars more accessible to Indiana startups and entrepreneurs. One way we do that is through introductions to other venture capital firms and angel investors - and another way is through the management of three funds that provide venture capital-type investments to Indiana-based companies during their early stages of growth.

Funds managed by Elevate Ventures provide startup capital to Indiana companies in the life sciences, information technology and advanced manufacturing industries. For a list of past investments made, please visit our Ventures page.

The intentions of each Fund differ and they all target Indiana startups at different stages in their life cycle. Below, you can see at which points during a startups life cycle each Fund typically applies.

Want to better understand the differences between each Fund and how those differences apply to your application? Explore each Fund's summary below to learn more about their sources and whether or not your Indiana company fits the criteria for investment consideration. The below Funds have received funding from the U.S. Treasury through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) program.

Indiana Diversity Investment Fund (the "IDI Fund")
The Indiana Diversity Investment Fund (the “IDI Fund”), as a sub program under the Indiana Angel Network Fund, is dedicated to supporting and investing in innovative women, minority and veteran owned businesses with high growth potential in Indiana.

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Indiana Angel Network Fund (the "IAN Fund")
The Indiana Angel Network Fund (the "IAN Fund") is a source of seed capital dedicated to discovering and nurturing emerging, high-potential, innovation-based companies within the State of Indiana. This IAN Fund strives to empower entrepreneurs to create novel new businesses or transition existing businesses to address customer problems.

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21st Century Research & Technology Fund
Indiana's 21st Century Research & Technology Fund is managed by Elevate Ventures. As the Fund's manager, Elevate works with pre-revenue or early revenue Indiana companies to solve product demonstration and market penetration issues in order to accelerate company growth and job creation. The explicit goal of the Fund is to supply startup capital, with the intent of creating high-impact entrepreneurial companies. It operates much like a traditional venture capital firm and has a thorough due diligence process.

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