We Help By: Co-Investing In Startups

The Elevate Ventures' Investor Network (EVIN) is the largest organized network of angel investors, angel groups, and other resources in the State of Indiana. EVIN helps enable collaboration amongst angel groups and also fosters investment in Indiana-based seed and early-stage ventures. They encourage this environment by connecting EVIN members with potential companies that are pre-qualified through a due diligence process and provided with co-investment capital opportunities. EVIN's members contribute to the growth of Indiana's economy by supporting new entrepreneurial leaders with not only capital, but with technical expertise and support. In the end, this support system fosters business growth and employment opportunities in Indiana.

Investors looking to immerse themselves in Indiana's entrepreneurial community, diversify their portfolios, or expand their networks will want to participate in EVIN. EVIN will be comprised of new and veteran, accredited angel investors who collaborate with multiple objectives, including:

Benefits For Angel Investors & Angel Groups

  • Increased deal flow
  • Collaboration on due diligence
  • Shared expertise
  • Corroborated investment decisions
  • Ability to invest in larger deals
  • Improved diversification
  • Eligible for co-investment from the Indiana Angel Network Fund
  • Organized public presence

Value To Entrepreneurs & Communities

  • More entrepreneurs receive funding
  • Larger early-stage financing rounds can be completed to reduce the financing gap
  • Entrepreneurs will be more successful as they benefit from a greater range of business expertise
  • Success will increase region and company visibility with regional sources of follow-on capital
  • Tangible economic benefits to the region and the development of a vibrant regional ecosystem

The Indiana Seed Fund Co-Investment Program

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (“IEDC”), in partnership with Elevate Ventures, has issued an amended Seed Fund Request for Proposal (“RFP”) to accelerate the deployment of investment capital allocated through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (“SSBCI”), and to encourage the growth and formation of seed or early-stage angel funds and investment groups across the State of Indiana to be a part of an entrepreneurial and investment network. This new proposed structure will consider a simple sidecar vehicle to automatically co-invest in Indiana companies with qualified angel groups or fund managers meeting the following qualifications through this RFP process.