Angel/Accredited Investors

Angel and Accredited investors are essential to the success of start-ups and first and second stage companies in Indiana. As a way not only to recognize that, but also to provide deal flow to investors below are a few reasons why you should consider joining our network as well as the activities that we offer in need of your participation.

Benefits For Angel/Accredited Investors

  • Increased deal flow
  • Collaboration on due diligence
  • Shared expertise
  • Corroborated investment decisions
  • Improved diversification
  • Eligible for co-investment from the Indiana Angel Network Fund

Investor Network Webinar Series

The first Tuesday of every month we feature two companies during an hour-long webinar (either a portfolio company or a company that is currently in due diligence with us). These webinars serve as an introduction to some of the quality deal flow we have here in Indiana. Each company is given 15 minutes to pitch their company, followed by 15 minutes of questions from investors. If you are interested in participating, please sign up to be part of EVIN.